We’ve all heard or read recently about Gordon Gray, the Hollywood producer, who recently received the earth shattering news that his daughters have Batten Disease. As a father of three healthy adult sons, my heart breaks for Gordon and his family, but his family is not alone in bearing the burden of this disease.

My brother, Moe, has three children (two boys and a girl). Both his boys have been living with the full effects of Batten Disease for several years now. It is indeed difficult to see them as they were once energetic, highly intelligent kids, now reduced to wheelchairs and needing assistance to accomplish tasks most of us don’t think twice about.

However, for me what is most difficult to take is when I think about my brother and how his life with his beautiful boys has not been what he once hoped and prayed it would be. He and his wife Jean have poured their hearts and souls into these boys (now men) trying to give them the best possible life given their circumstances. I am so proud of the two of them, as they display daily what it really means to love someone.

If you feel as I do that this terrible disease should be eradicated, please visit their site, learn about their struggles, and perhaps even donate to the cause.

You may also want to help Gordon and his family. To do so visit Gordon’s site.

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